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The team at Liqwyd Solutions offers expert blocked drain plumbing Brisbane wide. We’re available to deal with all sorts of blocked pipes. Whether you’re struggling with a slow draining sink or backed up stormwater pipes, our blocked drain specialists can provide a solution.

Specialist Blocked Drain Plumber Brisbane

Blocked drains are inconvenient, but they can also cause serious damage to your home if the problem isn’t repaired quickly. At Liqwyd Solutions we keep your day flowing with specialist blocked drain plumber Brisbane wide services. Our team of qualified plumbers is always on hand to help with blocked drains, sinks, showers and pipes. We have the experience and specialist tools to deal with everything. Whether it’s a small blockage or a collapsed pipe, the Liqwyd team can fix any problem you’re having.

If your sink, bath or shower is blocked or draining slowly, it could be caused by:

  • Build ups of hair and soap
  • Build ups of grease
  • Collapsed pipes
  • Foreign objects
  • Dirt and silt deposits
  • Tree roots

Liqwyd Solutions is available to provide blocked drain plumber Brisbane wide services. Our team is always nearby, so we can help with blocked drains and pipes to ensure your home is safe. Contact us online to make an appointment, or phone us directly if you need blocked drain plumber Brisbane wide services.

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Blocked Drains and Drain Camera Service Brisbane

At Liqwyd Solutions we’re always investing in new technologies that make your life easier. That’s why our blocked drains and drain camera service Brisbane uses the latest in CCTV equipment.

Our CCTV drain cameras make it simple to locate blockages in the pipes around your property. While some blocked drains are caused by simple things like build ups of soap under the sink, other issues can be harder to locate. Blocked drains that are caused by invading tree roots or collapsed pipes can occur anywhere. When that happens, our drain camera service can locate the issue and help us develop a plan of action.

Liqwyd Solutions provides our blocked drains and drain camera service Brisbane wide. Our CCTV equipment makes it easy to find blockages in pipes, stormwater drains, sewers and any other plumbing around your property. That means we can provide fast and efficient blocked drain repairs to keep your family happy and healthy.

Your Blocked Drain Experts

There’s never a good time to come across a blocked drain in your home. It might seem like a small issue, but little blockages can turn into major damage very quickly. Whether it’s the middle of the day or late at night, Liqwyd Solutions provides blocked drain plumber Brisbane wide services.

Most blockages build up over time. It can be hard to spot the issue when it happens so slowly. Eventually though, you’ll find yourself battling against a sink that won’t drain, and that could happen at any time of the day. If you find yourself in that situation then it’s important to have the issue fixed as soon as possible.

Small blockages can quickly turn into serious water damage. Whether it’s an issue with your bathroom sink or a stormwater pipe that doesn’t flow, blocked drains can do huge amounts of damage to your property. If you need help on short notice then feel free to contact our blocked drain plumber Brisbane experts. Liqwyd Solutions offers specialist blocked drain services, so we can get your day back on track.

Hydrojetting Blocked Drain

How to Manage Plants to Avoid Blocked Drains

Tree roots and plant debris are some of the most common causes of blocked drains in Brisbane. They can also be some of the toughest blockages to clear.

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to clogged drains caused by the plants on your property. If you want to avoid the hassle of overflowing drains, you should do the following:

  • Consider where you plant trees – Tree roots seek out water, and they can find their way into pipes through small cracks and gaps. Avoid planting shrubs and larger trees near stormwater or sewer drains on your property.
  • Keep gutters clear – Leaves, twigs and debris in your gutters can be flushed down the drain and cause blockages. Regularly clean your gutters to make sure drains keep flowing.
  • Prune any flora that overhangs your roof – You can simplify the process of cleaning gutters by pruning trees and branches that overhang your home. If the tree belongs to a neighbour, you are allowed to remove any branches that overhang your property.
  • Clean up your yard – Fallen leaves, grass clippings and loose dirt can all end up down the drain. It’s a good idea to keep your yard clean of any debris that may be washed into your drainage system.Keep plants well-watered – Watering your plants discourages them from going in search of water and potentially invading your drains.

How to Manage Stormwater on Your Property To Avoid Blocked Drains

Managing stormwater is one of the biggest challenges in Brisbane. The local climate means that stormwater runoff can overwhelm standard drains, which may cause the system to backup and overflow.

There are a few things you can do to manage stormwater on your property:

  • Invest in yearly drain cleaning – The best thing you can do to manage stormwater is to have your drains professionally cleaned every 12 months. Our blocked drain plumbers use hydro jetters to clear debris and ensure your drains are ready for storm season.
  • Keep your gutters clear – Leaves and debris build up in your gutters over time. These leaves will eventually be washed down into your drains, and they may cause a blockage. Having your gutters cleaned once or twice per year is a simple way to prevent blocked drains.
  • Be mindful of natural drainage – Natural and manmade features like slopes, retaining walls, trenches and fences can cause stormwater drains to overflow. If you are building a new house or planning landscaping, speak to a plumber about designing a proper underground plumbing system for your Brisbane home.

Issues like water backing up after storms, foul smells coming from drains and damp patches in your yard are all signs that something is wrong with the system. Get in touch with Liqwyd Solutions if you’re experiencing problems with your stormwater drains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do drains get blocked?

Household drains can become blocked for dozens of reasons. The most common causes include:

  • Build ups of soap and hair

  • Invading tree roots

  • Deposits of dirt, silt and mud

  • Foreign objects

  • Build ups of grease and fat

  • Backing up due to stormwater

  • Broken and collapsed pipes

  • Toiletries such as non-flushable wipes

Whatever the cause, blocked drains can lead to major flooding, so they should always be addressed immediately.

What equipment and technology do you use to unblock drains?

Liqwyd Solutions are Brisbane’s expert blocked drain plumbers. If you’re having issues with blocked pipes or drains, we use a mix of CCTV drain cameras and hydro jetters to clear the issue. Inspections with a camera and clearing with a hydro jetter is included as standard in the price of our blocked drain service.
Drain cameras are a special type of fibre optic camera. These cameras can be fed into any pipe on your property without having to damage the plumbing. Using a camera provides a clear picture of the inside of your pipes, and the depth and distance sensors make it easy to find blockages that are located underground.
Once we’ve found the source of the blockage, we use hydro jetters to clear the issue and keep your day flowing. Hydro Jetters use extremely high pressure water to clear away buildups of hair, soap, grease, dirt and foreign objects.

Is the Landlord or Tenant responsible for a blocked or clogged drain?

According to the Residential Tenancies Authority, the Landlord is responsible for blocked and clogged drains if the blockage occurs due to fair wear and tear. This includes issues like invading tree roots, or damage caused by the Landlord.

The Tenant is responsible for contacting a plumber if they caused the issue. For example, blockages caused by build ups of hair or damage caused by the Tenant is the Tenant’s responsibility.
Liqwyd Solutions works with both Tenants and Landlords. If you’re unsure whether you’re responsible for an issue in your home, give us a call and our blocked drain plumbers can assess the situation.

Where to report sewage issues?

Blocked sewage pipes can lead to leaks and overflowing. If you notice sewage problems on public land, contact Urban Utilities immediately on 13 23 64. If the sewage leak occurs on your own property, call a licensed plumber immediately.

Why use a drain camera for a blocked drain?

We use drain cameras to locate blockages as a standard part of our service. By using a camera, we can locate the blockage, determine the cause and ensure the problem is dealt with properly.
It’s not always easy to find a blockage in a long plumbing run. It’s one thing if your kitchen sink is clogged with food scraps, but it’s a much bigger issue when stormwater drains are blocked by tree roots. We’re the blocked drain plumber Brisbane trusts because we make sure the problem is repaired properly the first time around.


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Dave replaced our old hot water system at short notice when it died. Fixed some dodgy taps and drains while he was at it as well. Great communication, good price and nice guy! Thanks Dave

Liz Egan

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Dave always does the best job. His communication is great, he responds in good time, he rings before he turns up, he does a fantastic job every time, he's efficient & tidies up after. He's also very helpful with his advice too. The best plumber I've ever come across! Thanks Dave.

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Legendary service! Late afternoon found serious problem, panicked, found Liqwyd in local paper (Capalaba) came super quick, fixed obvious problem then checked for any further issues! absolute gentlemen 6 star rating!

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