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Drain Excavation in Brisbane

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Liqwyd Solutions has the right equipment to provide drain excavation and underground plumbing services throughout Brisbane. If you’re dealing with tree roots, leaky drains or broken pipes under your property, our plumbers can excavate and repair any problem.

Brisbane’s Drain Excavation Experts

Some of your home’s most important plumbing is installed underground. Underground plumbing installation protects pipes from damage, but it can make them difficult to repair when things go wrong.

Liqwyd Solutions is a Brisbane-based plumber that can handle any drain excavation and underground plumbing repairs. We have access to a range of earthmoving equipment that can make light work of all plumbing excavation jobs.

The process is simple with Liqwyd. We use CCTV drain cameras to locate the issue. If we’re able, we may use specialty drain excavation tools to get rid of blockages and tree roots. If that doesn’t work, we’ll mark the location and use earthmoving equipment to expose the broken pipe.

From there, replacing underground drains is simple, and our commitment to quality workmanship means the new pipe will work perfectly for decades to come.

Drain Excavation in Redlands, Brisbane

Signs You Need Drain Excavation

Plumbing excavation is a serious project, but it’s often the best option when underground drains become damaged, corroded or blocked. These are some of the common signs that you need Brisbane’s drain excavation experts:

  • Blocked drains, especially sewerage and stormwater drains

  • Sinks, baths, showers or low-lying areas in the yard are slow to drain

  • Permanently damp patches in your yard

  • Areas of grass that are unusually green and healthy

  • Sinkholes or indentations around the property

  • Sewer smells coming up through sinks and other drains

Excavation is generally our last resort. We always make sure there are no other options before our team gets out the earthmoving equipment.

Contact us immediately if you notice any of the above signs. Blocked and broken underground pipes can cause serious flooding or damage the foundations of your home, so it’s important to act quickly.

Underground Plumbing and Drain Repair

Liqwyd Solutions provides underground plumbing and drain repair services. We use a blend of CCTV drain cameras and earthmoving equipment to repair blocked, damaged and broken drains.

We can use drain excavation to repair a section of underground plumbing if:

  • The pipe is collapsed or broken

  • Tree roots have damaged the pipe

  • Metal pipes have become corroded

  • The pipes are surrounded by corrosive or toxic soil

  • Movement in the property has damaged pipes or drain connections

With underground plumbing repairs, we are typically able to excavate a small amount of your yard to fix the problem. Whatever we’re dealing with, we strive to minimise our impact and avoid turning your gardens into an unsightly mess.

PVC pipe

Drain Replacement Services

Underground drain replacement services can help you deal with minor problems, such as collapsed drains, leaking connections and stubborn blockages. We often recommend replacing underground drains where:

  • There are large blockages that can’t be cleared with other methods (e.g. tree roots)

  • The drain is made from low quality materials and has collapsed in multiple locations

  • The drain is over a certain age, and repairs are unfeasible

  • You’re having persistent problems and small repairs haven’t fixed the issue

  • Movement in the ground has damaged large sections of the drain

Underground drain replacement can be a major job. We may need to excavate large stretches of your yard. If the damaged plumbing runs beneath a concrete slab, we often recommend alternative methods, such as rerouting your plumbing.

Speak to the Liqwyd Solutions team to learn more about drain excavation. No two jobs are the same, so we’ll put together a quote that’s tailored to suit your property.

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Liqwyd Solutions offers drain excavation and underground plumbing throughout Brisbane. Our residential plumbers are highly experienced, and we have the right earthmoving equipment to tackle any job. You can fill out the form below to get in touch, or call us for a quote on underground drain repair and replacement.

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Liqwyd Solutions is always looking for ways we can improve our offerings. We ensure we’re providing the best solutions possible through continuous training and investment in new techniques and state of the art plumbing equipment.

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Liz Egan

Dave replaced our old hot water system at short notice when it died. Fixed some dodgy taps and drains while he was at it as well. Great communication, good price and nice guy! Thanks Dave

Liz Egan

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Dave always does the best job. His communication is great, he responds in good time, he rings before he turns up, he does a fantastic job every time, he's efficient & tidies up after. He's also very helpful with his advice too. The best plumber I've ever come across! Thanks Dave.

Gabby Pearce

Helen Maree Hough

Legendary service! Late afternoon found serious problem, panicked, found Liqwyd in local paper (Capalaba) came super quick, fixed obvious problem then checked for any further issues! absolute gentlemen 6 star rating!

Helen Maree Hough

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