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What Is The Purpose of Drain Excavation?

When Is Drain Excavation Necessary?

Drain excavation is involved to access underground pipes or drainage when in instances of a blockage, pipe repair or replacement, or for installation. Excavation of drains can also occur for new construction projects or updating existing outdated drainage systems.

In this article, we’ll discuss what is the purpose of drain excavation, the excavation process, and some signs you may need to look out for.

Water Damage Prevention

Adequate drainage around your property is essential to prevent water damage, which can be damaging to building foundations and cause sinking or structural damage. Drain excavation can combat pooling water such as any run off from stormwater drains which can flood your garden and potentially lower levels of your home. By properly considering drainage, you minimise the risk of damage to your property through water ingress.

Fixing Pipe Blockages

Common in Brisbane and parts of the Redlands, pipes can be blocked through tree roots. As roots are drawn to water, these eventually crack through the pipe, which they can continue to grow through. This commonly happens to older drainage systems which tend to have smaller cracks and imperfections.

Outside of roots, debris as well as food, cooking oil, hair and those ever fantastic “flushable” wipes, all make an appearance when we unblock pipes.

Pipe Repair or Replacement of Damaged Pipes

Oftentimes, pipes can damage or degrade from changes in soil or other environmental impacts. Perhaps, you have an older pipe system such as those made with clay, copper or cast iron and need to replace it entirely with a newer PVC drainage system. We can replace both partially damaged sections of pipes or pipes that are completely damaged.

New Constructions

Drain excavation will also be necessary for new builds to install drainage pipes and systems. Liqwyd Solutions will go through the process of planning before excavation to lay piping with best practice for drainage, and for the longevity of the construction project.

Drain Excavation Process

  1. To start, we begin with an inspection and assessment of the existing drainage.
  2. We will then use CCTV to identify any blockages, or need for repair or replacement of the pipe. This will obviously not occur with new builds.
  3. Following this, we use specialised excavators to dig the required area.
  4. We carry out any works required such as pipe installation, repair, replacement, or unblocking.
  5. The excavated site is restored back to its original condition.

Signs That You Need Drain Excavation

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to contact a licensed plumber so they can advise you if you require drain excavation as the next point of action.

  • Constant blocked drains

  • Slow draining

  • Pooling of water or flooding

  • Odours from drains

Speak to the Professional Drain Excavation Plumbers at Liqwyd Solutions

If you’ve identified issues with drainage around your property, it’s best to get assistance as soon as possible, to avoid property damage or it escalating to a more expensive problem! As specialised drain excavation plumbers, Liqwyd Solutions service all areas of the Redlands and surrounding areas in Brisbane. Speak to our friendly team today on 0423 659 163 or contact us online.

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